Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding Update

So I know I am like the worst blogger ever, but since I had a day off from work I thought I might think of something to post. It just so happened that we took engagement pictures on Sunday so I thought I would share some of my favorites. I think we took almost 1,000 pictures with the hopes that we could get just 1 for our announcements. Jaden was a good sport (he so doesn't like to get his picture taken) but I think he really had a good time. Molly was our fabulous photographer and she was awesome!! Here are a few highlights...
Our GQ pose

Of course we had to take a picture with the Hummer!!

The classic dipping pose. This was my favorite picture!!

These two were keepers. Classic engagement picture poses.

Then right in the middle of our "photo shoot" Paul Millsap walked by so we had to get his picture. I did feel a little like the paparazzi!

We really are just geeks!!


Kari said...

Oh Katie those pics are so cute! You look so great, and so happy! Congrats!

annandjake said...

I love them! You look gorgeous, Katie! I love your red shoes! I think my favorite one is the second of the two "classic" engagement shots. The lighting is beautiful! Go Molly. Jake and I loved getting Jaden's email after Bear Lake. He is great. We are so happy for you!

Long Family said...

My favorite thing about those darling the RED shoes! You look great! I really love the 4th picture!

emily snyder said...

sosoososososoosososososoos cute!!
i think you should post all 1,000. i want to see them all!

when can we throw you a shower!?!?!

Britt said...

katie zarbock...this is britt (the high school one--just in case you know a lot of them). i am blog stalking right now. and you've never looked better! you are a stunner!...congrats! i am so so happy for you.

Jess said...

Hey... you need to blog again... now that you have LOTS to blog about. How about some monthly pictures :P I want to see how cute you look!! :)